Studio Partizanka is located in an excellent location, in the area of Ljubljana Bežigrad, and offers 3 studios with the total usable area of over 500 m2. There is a spacious parking lot before the studio, including a loading platform in order to facilitate freight delivery and removal of equipment. The studio is located in the vicinity of all major production houses and urban infrastructure. In addition to studio rental, we provide also complete support services, namely, studio lights, the scenography workshop, protection, catering, dismantling service and cleaning service.

Studio’s projects

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Behind the scene

Studio Partizanka hosted recording of a series of advertisements for the Cilit Bang cleaning product, which was carried out by BAS Production. The spacious studio with high ceilings provided sufficient manipulation space to record even the most complex scenes.



Our partners

We work with renowned recording equipment suppliers that assisted us in setting up the basic platform of the studio; and if necessary, we upgrade it according to the client’s needs. In addition, we have established a perfect service network, and we eliminate any problems or carry out any upgrades quickly and efficiently.