Partizanka Locations

Recording and production rooms

Studio Partizanka has three studio rooms of various sizes; they are suitable even for the production of the most complex scenes. Production rooms are modern furnished, and can be fully adapted to your needs.

We work with different clients having a lot of experience and numerous links with partners in the field of proper preparation of premises and provision of equipment; therefore, we can respond to your needs quickly, and complete studio rooms and supporting premises at your choice.

Studio Partizanka, therefore, provides under one roof everything that you need for an efficient production of different types of projects. We have ensured the highest quality level of services, professional furnishing of premises, and maximum comfort.

Always at your fingertips

make-up room,
production and management offices,
depository for recording equipment,
catering corner,


The heated B1 studio with the area of 441 m2 is suitable for the production of music videos, advertisements, and numerous other scenes. A high ceiling allows for a sufficient level of flexibility; and an adequate power supply and a power switchboard enabling connection of all necessary equipment are also in place.

Tehnične podrobnosti
Size: 21 x 21 meter
Ceiling height: 5–6 meter
Floor:chipboard flooring
Power supply:3x 125A + power switchboard
Heating: Yes (TurboPartizanka)
Broadband internet: Yes
Lighting:Studio lighting pipe grid


The spacious and fully furnished A1 studio, the area of which is 4,900 m2, is suitable for the production even of the most complex scenes. A high ceiling allows for additional flexibility in setting up the scene and adapting to the needs of recording. In addition to the studio, there are also all necessary supporting rooms, a large depository for recording equipment, and production and management office rooms.

Technical details
Size: 70 x 70 meters
Ceiling height: 7–8 meters
Floor:fine concrete or chipboard flooring
Power supply:2 times 3x 125A + power switchboard
Heating: Ne
Broadband internet: Yes


PHOTO Studio with the area of 100 m2 is a perfect choice for small-scale scenes, recording of music videos and the like, where we take care of a complete adaptation of the room to your needs. The studio is completed by supporting premises accommodating the entire production team, in order to ensure a smooth work.

Technical details
Size: 10 x 10 meters
Ceiling height: 5–6 meters
Floor:fine concrete
Power supply:2x32A
Heating: Yes
Broadband internet: Yes