Partizanka Support

Complete support and turnkey services

In addition to rental of premises, Studio Partizanka provides various supporting services necessary for an efficient production of music videos, advertisements, films and serials. Based on your wishes and needs, we prepare a customised range of services and take care of its full implementation, from the first to the last step.

We can provide you with high-quality scenic design services, we take care of technical or physical protection; if necessary, we organise daily catering services during the production, and when the project is completed, and we arrange dismantling of the scenery and its removal to a waste disposal site. We work with the professional cleaning service that is able to fully adapt to your working rhythm, ensuring at the same time that studios and supporting premises are always faultless.

Podporni storitveni servisi

Studio lighting

We can offer our own set of lights for the entire scenery and adapt them to your needs, helping you thus with implementing the planned idea. We provide also an appropriate power switchboard and wiring. All necessary things are prepared upon agreement by our professional team; therefore, we allow you to save maximum time, while we take care of each and every detail.


Our in-house catering helps you to increase your efficiency by avoiding undue breaks and driving to lunch. Our kitchen and bar are a perfect solution, particularly for the days when the scenery is being constructed, and in cases where every minute counts.

Prop warehouse

An organised collection of some one hundred stage props is available at the Partizanka studio for stage sets of new age housing or business premises. We can also provide you with stage props of your choice and purchase them from you for our collection after use.

Scenography workshop

Make the whole scenery in the Partizanka carpentry workshop. A wide selection of materials, elements and decorations in the depository will meet the needs of most classic settings. The workshop is furnished by all necessary manufacturing tools, and on request, also the scenography team is available to make the whole scene according to your plan and place it in the studio.

Dismantling service

You do not want to waste your time by dismantling the scenery and removing it to the waste disposal site? Leave all such tasks to our concern. After the recording is completed, you can simply leave the studio, and let us taking care for everything else.


The studio, with an accompanying office, is an ideal location for castings because a large number of interviews can be conducted and an accompanying photo or video collection shot. Excellent access to the studio and IT support provide everything you need in one location.


In addition to a regular technical protection, we can offer a licensed physical protection of your equipment during the time of recording, so that you do not need to worry about anything. We work with a proven team of professionals who have a lot of experience in the field of such protection.

Cleaning service

Cleaning service is always at hand, either during recording or before and after it. A flexible team is available to you day or night and can fully adapt to your rhythm. There is also sufficient number of machines available to clean large surfaces.

Costume workshop

The studio is equipped with a custom-designed room for storing a large number of costumes, an auxiliary sewing workshop and a large mirror for trying costumes on. Thus you can ensure an effortless shooting session and have everything you need available at hand.